Your stay in the clinic

We take away any uncertainty and leave you with a smile. So that you know what to expect:

Contact in the clinic

You can choose one of our co-operation partners/specialists and contact the respective clinic with the information provided. We are happy to help you! We will find the right doctor for your needs and even make contact for you.

In the doctor’s office, the attending physician performs all the necessary examinations and discusses with you the diagnoses, the possible causes and the possible treatment options.

If in this evaluation a treatment with a stationary stay is required and you would like to receive it in the Clinic Dr. Decker, the entire scheduling will be coordinated on your behalf. Subsequently, the clinic receives the clinician’s notification and arranges a premedication talk with the anaesthesia physician before the surgery date. Instead, all premedication talks can be done in the Clinic Dr. Decker.

The day before admission

In order to save you long waiting times on the day of admission, our reception staff will arrange an individual appointment for the registration in advance.

Date of admission

At the reception, you will be accepted as a patient in our home. Here we will handle all admission formalities. You will receive your room number and any further helpful information for your hospital stay.

Afterwards, our nurses will show you the ward and your room. They will explain your daily routine and help with any outstanding questions.

Treatment period

An experienced team of doctors, nursing staff, surgeons and therapists will provide for all of your needs around the clock.

Once the recovery process is complete, your doctor will set the exact date of your discharge.

Date of dismissal

We kindly ask that you to leave at 9:00 AM in order to prepare a freshly cleaned room for future patients.

You are welcome to bridge any unexpected delays in the pick-up process with a drink in our common areas at any time.

Tip: As a publicly insured patient, please remember to pay 10 Euro per day for a maximum of 28 days a year. Payments can be made by cash or by debit card. You are welcome to pay at the reception the day before.

We did not answer all your questions?

Then please look in the section “Clinic ABC’s” or in the download area. There you will find more important information about your stay at the Clinic Dr. Decker.