Arthroplasty Center

Disorders of the joints and treatment methods

Diseases of the joints such as arthrosis are among the most common diseases in Germany. Usually, knee or hip joints are affected by cartilage damage. An artificial joint can be a remedy, the use of which must be carefully weighed. The cause of excessive joint wear is usually excessive stress – due to, for example, increased body weight, joint misalignment or lack of movement. Many people underestimate the positive effect that regular movement has on joints and bones. Each joint, each bone is held and fixed by ligaments and muscles, which must be regularly stressed in order to keep their full functionality. Only when joints are moved is the cartilage layer retained.

Certified Endoprosthetics – The Clinic of Dr. Decker

The Clinic Dr. Decker has been certified together with the following specialists and their practices since 16 February 2016 as an endoprosthetic treatment centre.

Dr. Stockhammer, Orthopaedics at Gasteig

Dr. Kothny, MOC Munich

Dr. Erhard, Praxisklinik West

Dr. Boeckh, Orthopaedics Med. North

Dr. Haury, Orthopaedics at Stiglmaierplatz

What does this mean for you as a patient?


In order to achieve this certification, strict structural and process criteria are necessary and must be met in order to ensure the high-quality requirements in endoprosthetics.

Complete performance spectrum in diagnostics and therapy

You will receive first class high-quality services from one single source, from comprehensive diagnostics to consulting and surgery to in-patient treatment, and also the initial physiotherapy.

Quality through quantity of treatments

Only clinics, like us, who routinely perform a high number of endoprosthesis surgeries, operate on patients as confidently as we do.

Indication and interdisciplinary cooperation

We only operate after the details of all the diagnostics are clearly clarified and solved in an individual consultation with the surgeons. The interdisciplinary cooperation of all the professional specialists involved contributes to the success of the treatment.

Education and training

Our doctors regularly continue learning all the up-to-date and latest medical breakthroughs and, thus treat the patients in the most optimal way.

Patient satisfaction

We use all our knowledge and understanding of the patient’s personal situation to achieve a significant increase in their quality of life. If you are satisfied with our performance, from diagnosis to surgery and treatment to aftercare, then we have achieved our goal.