Clinic ABC’s


Register on the admission day at our reception at the main entrance. Everything else will be arranged there for you and your stay.

The reception opening hours are from 7 am to 6pm on weekdays and from 9 am to 4 pm on weekends.

Cash-free payment

All payments to the clinic can of course be made cash-free with your debit card. We ask for your understanding that we can only offer you cash-free payment transactions from a minimum value of 10 €.

Visiting hours

Your visitors are always welcome. However, in order to make the daily routine as smooth as possible for all involved, we ask your visitors to follow the sleeping hours and to leave the clinic by 9 pm at the latest.


The cleaning procedure is always a bit more expensive in hospital buildings. For this reason, we ask you to leave the room by 9 am on the day of discharge. Only in this way can we guarantee a smooth change of patients. Drinks are available in the waiting area for any bridging time.

Discharge date

Your attending doctor will decide on your discharge date in the interest of your health to the best medical knowledge. If you wish to leave the clinic earlier against advice, we cannot accept responsibility for adverse consequences. This also applies, in particular, with regard to your statutory or private health insurance.

In order to avoid long waiting times on the day of departure, it is possible to de-register at the reception on the afternoon of the previous day.

Money and valuables

Please avoid carrying large amounts of money and valuables, as the clinic assumes no liability for losses. However, it is possible to rent the safe in your wardrobe for a fee. If necessary, valuables can also be deposited for safekeeping at the reception.

Luxury food and drinks

Please inform the ward staff about your request for drinks. There is a drinking water dispenser in the lounge area at Ward 1 for your free self-service. There, you will also find a vending machine for various freshly prepared coffee and cocoa specialities.

Alcoholic beverages and other luxury food and drinks can only be tolerated with the express consent of the attending doctor.

Mobile and other mobile devices

For a harmonious patient handling, we ask for setting your devices to silent.

House rule

Please observe our house rules, which hang in the reception area and on the wards.


If you have a smartphone or a Wi-Fi enabled laptop, Wi-Fi access is available for a fee. For the access data, please contact the reception.

Loans from the clinic

On the day of discharge, please return laundry, clothing and utensils provided by the clinic to your ward.


Please only take the medication prescribed as part of your stay with us. The use of medicines and remedies that were not prescribed in the clinic requires the consent of the attending doctor.

Public transportation

The easiest way to reach us is by public transport:

with the subway U3 or U6, stop Giselastraße or stop Münchner Freiheit

with the bus lines 54 or 154, stop Thiemestraße.

Timetable information is available at


Our experienced medical team successfully handles over 2,200 surgeries a year. The multitude of references speaks for quality and safety, which can only be made possible by a routine approach.


As there are hardly any parking spaces available on the clinic premises and in the immediate vicinity, we recommend having your family members bring you if possible. Under no circumstances may ambulance accesses and escape routes be blocked. If you cannot avoid travelling by your own car, there are paid parking facilities in the surrounding streets and parking garages.

Private clinic

The Clinic Dr. Decker GmbH is a private clinic. This does not mean that only private patients are treated. This only means that the clinic is privately owned.


Our clinic is a place that should contribute to your recovery. Therefore, smoking is not allowed in all buildings and in the garden!


If you need a taxi for your departure, please contact the reception in time, who will gladly book a taxi for you at the desired time.


There is a telephone by your bed, which can be used by depositing a credit balance at the reception. Unused credits will be returned to you at discharge.


You should be able to move freely when staying with us and organise your day as you wish. For a smooth medical and nursing care, however, we ask you to be in your room in the morning for attendance, rounds and examinations.

Additional payment

According to § 39 SGB V, we have to charge you a surcharge of 10 € per day for a maximum of 28 days in the calendar year. This amount does not mean additional income for the clinic. We are only obliged to collect these funds and forward them to the statutory health insurance. This amount is therefore not to be regarded as payment in kind in the context of your hospital treatment.


We are happy to try to provide you with a room that meets your wishes. However, we cannot offer a general guarantee for a specific room or for the one or two-bedroom option. Our regular service includes a shared room. We apologise for any inconveniences caused by any relocations or if we are unable to provide you with a single or double room, as medical matters are of primary importance to us.